Reading Road Trip Stop: Tennessee

Image from Click to learn more facts about Tennessee!
Thanks to Britta (ILikeTheseBooks) and Hafsah (IceyBooks) for hosting this fun hop!

Welcome to "The Volunteer State" part of the Reading Road Trip!!!

This is an International giveaway and all entrants must be 13 years or older and can receive shipment from The Book Depository. 

This giveaway begins on July 12 and will end on July 27.

The book up for grabs for this section of the Reading Road Trip is winner's choice of Myra McEntire's HOURGLASS or TIMEPIECE! Hourglass takes place in Tennessee, but I haven't read Timepiece yet to see if it continues in that setting. Anyone help me out?  :)

Please fill out the Rafflecopter below. Please note that the only entry that you "must" do is the first one...the freebie! :) The others are completely optional!

Good luck!

For more information regarding all of the stops for the Reading Road Trip, please refer to the map! The number on the state(s), Canada, or Mexico is the date in July in which the hop will stop and visit. 
Here is the SCHEDULE for all of the stops!


  1. Hey, I just saw your note on the form. Thank you for this!

    1. You're welcome! The other person on that day got their post up. So it all worked out. :)

  2. Thank you for the giveaway!