The Epic Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt

Hello friends! Welcome to my stop for...
We give thanks for many things. Here in America we have a single day (come the third Thursday in November) when we celebrate all that we are thankful for; in which we watch a parade on television, and we eat until our bellies are full and all our bodies can do is sit on the couch and watch football for the rest of the day. As book lovers, Thanksgiving is also a time for us to get in some extra reading! And what better way to start off your holiday reading than with a plethora of prizes we would like to GIVE to YOU!

I am Day SEVEN for this Scavenger Hunt. The list of all of the participating blogs is just right below. Make sure to stop by each day for your word clue to fill in on the Rafflecopter.
Nov 12 - Book Brats
Nov 13 – Making The Grade
Nov 14 – Writing My Own Fairytale
Nov 15 – Book Addicts Guide
Nov 16 – Bumbles and Fairy-Tales
Nov 17 – Beauty and the Bookshelf AND JC Emery
Nov 18 – Dizneeee’s World of Books 
Nov 19 – Book Babes AND Gypsy Book Reviews
Nov 20 – Starting the Next Chapter
Nov 21 – I Love Books Club
Nov 22 – WRAP UP!
Nov 25 – Contest Ends, Twitter Party
I bet you want to know how you are going to find the code words in all this, the proverbial needle in a haystack. Well, we crazy bloggers are going to be crafty about hiding our word (or words) in assorted fun ways.

You will do this each day until the 25th. In the final few days, you will have the chance to combine all the words together to make a secret phrase worth 25 entries! And as a special thank you to our readers, we’re giving you other ways to enter by following our awesome bloggers. On the 25th, we’ll be having an epic Twitter Party where we’ll be giving away swag, books, and other goodies. And of course we’ll be having a grand ole time just hanging out and chatting about books! So be sure you stick around for that. I hope you enjoy the Hunt!
Now, for my part and my thanks:
I want to say thank you to those authors, bloggers, Twitter friends, and books that make my reading experiences and conversations so much fun! This has been a fantastic community to have found and been a part of for almost a year now.
I am also so thankful, and grateful, for those of you who follow my blog and/or on Twitter. It's lovely knowing you! 
Yeah, my clue was in the part just above. It's kind of...umm..underlined!!! :) Go ahead and fill that in on the Rafflecopter and be ready for tomorrow's post from Book Babes! 

If you missed the previous stops for the daily word clues and entries, you may still enter those!
Day 1: Book Brats (Look for big and bold.)
Day 2: Making the Grade (Look for the red text.)
Day 3: Writing My Own Fairytale (Look for bold, red text.)
Day 4: Book Addicts Guide (Look for the GREEN text.)
Day 5: Bumbles and Fairy-Tales (Look for the pink text.)
Day 6: Beauty and the Bookshelf (look for the phrase written backwards) AND JC Emery (look for the red,  underlined text)
Day 7: This is where you are now! (Look for the underlined the pink box!)

Hey, I'm an elementary school teacher. I'm used to giving out helpful clues! Hahaha! <3

Remember to catch the next 3 days worth of clues at Book Babes, Gypsy Book Reviews, Starting the Next Chapter, and I Love Books Club so you can piece together the whole phrase! (That's an extra 25 entries!!!!)

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