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This blogger is stepping out of the book atmosphere for just a moment to share a fundraiser that one of our 4th grade classes is doing at school. They are going to collect money for Pencils of Promise -- an organization which builds schools! As readers, we can all definitely appreciate the value and love for such an adventure! 

I am copying the text from the website of my co-worker, Kyle Wood. If you can help with a donation, please send me an email, Dizneeee (at gmail), or message me on Twitter, @Dizneeee. If you can send a donation and receive a t-shirt (They are charcoal gray, heathered Hanes 50/50 tees resembling the picture of "I AM THE CHANGE" just below. They are $12 with over $6 going back to the charity), I will gladly ship that to you! It's the least I can do for your help! If you want to just send a flat donation, you're welcome to do that as well. Send me a message (email or Twitter) and I can send you our school address!

It began with a simple question. Adam Braun asked a street beggar what he wanted most in the world..... The kid said, "A pencil."

We are raising money for Pencils of Promise.They are a non-profit organization that builds schools for people who do not have a education. 75,000 kids today do not have an education in this world and together we can help change that. 112 school have been built as of today and 14 more are on the way.

What does PoP do?
Pencils of Promise, or ''PoP,'' as they are called, document each ''PoP'' student , they also track village wide student enrollment. If you still don't understand ''PoP'' here are some steps they use when building a school:

  1. They identify sites to build educational structures,
  2. Then with local labor and materials, they build the school. With your support they build an education.
  3. They go around the village and hire adults to help educate the children. 
  4. Finally, they evaluate the program's impact. 
For more information on PoP, go to

This is what you can do to help...
  1. If you would like you can buy a t-shirt for $12.00 a shirt.
  2. In our school, we have a wall that is gray and for every $50.00 we raise we will paint a block Bright Yellow. Students raising $25.00 or more will be displayed on a sign divided into three levels-$25+: Silver, $50+:Gold, and $100+: Platinum.
  3. If we can make the gray wall turn yellow, we just built a school. If that wall can turn yellow, we just raised over $28,000. 
ABCNews Article

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