Spring Blog Carnival: Guess the Weight!

I am excited to be participating for a 2nd year in the Spring Carnival! Last year, I did "Love Triangles." As much as I enjoyed that, I sat here and started staring around my room at all of the unread books that I have and thought of a different game: GUESS THE WEIGHT!

There are going to be 3 different stacks. Make sure you guess a weight for each stack on the form. Do not give your answers in the comments! The folks who guess all 3 correctly will be given a chance to win one of my TBR books from the stacks. A winner will be drawn randomly.

Now, to make this more interesting, I'm not going to tell you which books are on the stacks! However, I will tell you how many are on the stack for the weigh-in.
Stack 1: 15 books
Stack 2: 10 books
Stack 3: 13 books

*Entry form removed after giveaway ended*

Correct order:
Stack 1: 10.5

Stack 2: 9.8
Stack 3: 10.7
(There are 3 more books listed on the back of sheet 1!)

As always, you must be 13+ to enter. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on May 12.

Books included in my TBR pile for this challenge:
Article 5
The Boyfriend App
Bourne & Tributary
The Collector
Dearly, Beloved
Delirium Stories
A Fractured Light
Girl of Nightmares
Glamorous Disasters
The Goddess Inheritance
Goddess Interrupted
The Goddess Legacy
Going Vintage
It's Not Summer Without You
Just Listen
The Lost Prince
The Madman's Daughter
My Life Undecided
My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century
One for the Murphys
School for Dangerous Girls
See You at Harry's
Shadow of Night
Stealing Parker
The Summer I Turned Pretty
Summerset Abbey
Summerset Abbey: A Bloom in Winter
Through the Ever Night
This is What Happy Looks Like
The Tragedy Paper
The Truth About Forever
Uses For Boys
We'll Always Have Summer
Again, one winner will get to choose a book from my TBR pile to be his/hers! Make sure to answer all of the questions on the Google form! Any person getting all 3 correct will be placed in a random drawing.
Contest ends at 11:59PM EST May 12.

Make sure to visit all of the other blogs in the carnival!


  1. Thanks! Making me do math today... ;)

  2. +JMJ+

    I'm entering in case this is international, but if it isn't, feel freel to disqualify my entry. (I use the same name on it that I do here.) This was fun. =)

  3. Replies
    1. Ohh! They weight 10.5, 9.8, and 10.7. There were 45 correct guessers!!!

    2. This was so much fun. Thank you! :)