August Moon: Tour w/ Giveaway

August Moon
by Tammy Morea
Release Date: May 2014

Summary from Goodreads

What do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can fix it?

There is nothing in this world stronger than the powerful emotion of being in love. Except maybe the paralyzing pain of a broken heart.

Moving to a small unfamiliar beach town in the summer before her senior year of high school is really going to suck. Raven, a black-haired beauty from a well-off family, was certain about that. Miserable in her circumstance's, nothing could convince her otherwise, until Raven meets Quinn, a local with a love for surfing and a bad reputation to go with it. Despite the very different worlds they live in, their desire for each other is undeniable. Raven's fears and misery start to vanish as she and Quinn fall deeper and deeper into each other.

But things change drastically when Raven is unknowingly used as a pawn in a turn of disastrous events caused by Quinn's older brother.

The events that follow could silence Raven's heart for eternity and completely destroy what's left of Quinn’s soul.

August Moon is a captivating story of young love bringing two unlikely hearts together only to be shattered by one tortuous decision putting these star-crossed lovers on course for the ultimate challenge of forgiveness.
About the Author

  • I am a Young Adult Author. My first novel, August Moon, will be released in late spring 2014. Besides writing, I love to read Romance, YA, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Paranormal and a good autobiography never hurt anyone. 
  • My other greatest passion is animals. I wish I could save every single one that needs saving. I love them all, but I have a weakness for dogs. I have a dog Tank. He's my heart and he's a big mush. I bite his face all day long and he lets me. 
  • I also love mini pigs. One day I will have one. My fiancĂ© Chris doesn't think so, but what does he know? 
  • I think I’m an amateur photographer, but really I just like to take pictures and sometimes they come out really good. 
  • I love riding on the back of Chris’s Harley. It's my favorite form of transportation.
  • I’m obsessed with the Twilight Saga. Those books literally changed my life. 
  • Tattoos are sexy. I have seven. 
  • I pretty much love anything with a skull on it. 
  • My thumb is very green...just ask my air plants. 
  • I can cook my ass off...just ask Chris. 
  • I enjoy being active in all different ways: hiking, biking, camping, taking Tank for a 3 mile walk, working out, or sitting on the couch all day catching up on my DVR recordings. 
  • I love to dress up and wear make-up, accessories, (I have a ring addiction that I think I might need some counseling for) and heels, but I can get dirty on a camping trip or hang out in my sweats and a tee all day. I will even walk Tank in PJ's with no make-up on. Yep, you heard me: PJ's, no make-up, outside in public. 
  • I come from a big crazy Italian family and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
  • And just because I want to give her props, I think Marilyn Monroe is the sexiest, hottest, bad-ass bitch in the history of bitches (bitches meaning all us girls).

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