Armchair BEA 2012

Graphic made for Armchair BEA website by Nina of Nina Reads

Hey there! This is going to be my first "big" event on my blog. My intentions when I created this blog was to have a good way to keep track of the books I read and reviewed for the challenges I signed up for this year. However, I just keep finding things that I like, so I keep adding more to the blog!

I am going to do my best and participate in Armchair BEA! Since it's the last week of school for me, I can't take off from work to go to NYC for the real thing. So, Armchair BEA is going to be the next best thing!

I received the official email on Sunday that I was officially registered. As I sit here and type this, I'm still not 100% sure what all this entails. Doh! I'm going to learn as I go. That's the best way, right?  :)

There is a list of daily activities:
Monday, June 4: Introductions First!
Tuesday, June 5: Giveaways Everywhere!
Wednesday, June 6: Networking...In Real Life?!
Thursday, June 7: Beyond the Blog
Friday, June 8: The Future of Book Blogging

So, on Monday, I will have up my Introduction. There will be 5 (hopefully fabulous) facts about myself listed on here. How lucky are y'all?!?! :)

Until then, I shall continue studying the list from the Armchair BEA website and get some of my posts in order. I am thankful for a weekend of nothingness coming up so I can prepare!

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  1. Lisa, I hope you have so much fun at BEA. It's a shame that I'm going to be away on vacation because I would have loved to meet you! Hopefully we can connect soon. Meanwhile, I can't wait to hear about your trip and BEA adventures!

    - Estelle @