R.A.K. Wrap-up: April 2012

April is my very first month of participating in BookSoulmates' R.A.K. program! I've looked at the lists in months past and found people on there I've known from Twitter and tried to send gifts when I could. This is just SO much fun!!!

This month, I sent:
Third Grave Dead Ahead (Kindle edition) to Heather @BookSavvyBabe / Blog
Beautiful Chaos to Isalys @BookSoulmates / Blog
Under the Never Sky to Vanessa @BookSoulmates / Blog
Starters to Ruby @Rubysreads / Blog
Spell Bound to Lethea @LuvDayLilies
Mother Night: A Novel to Adam @RoofBeamReader / Blog
Kill Me Softly to Amanda @Lostalice7 / Blog

This month, I received:
Article 5 from Lethea @Luvdaylilies
Once a Witch from Andrea @TheBusyBibliophile / Blog
Wanderlove from Brianne @BrianneRS1979 / Blog

I hope everyone enjoys their books! A huge THANK YOU and many hugs to those who sent me book love this month!!! I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I'm looking forward to another month of RAK goodness for May!

1 comment:

  1. It was really a wonderful first month, i don't know the book you received but 3 of the ones you sent are on my wish list so we have common taste

    I hope May will be a great month for you

    all the best