Pandemonium Review

Title: Pandemonium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Source: Purchased by me

Goodreads Summary:
I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare,
pushing aside thoughts of Alex,
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,
like Raven taught me to do.
The old life is dead.
But the old Lena is dead too.
I buried her.
I left her beyond a fence,
behind a wall of smoke and flame.

Lauren Oliver delivers an electrifying follow-up to her acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Delirium. This riveting, brilliant novel crackles with the fire of fierce defiance, forbidden romance, and the sparks of a revolution about to ignite.
My Take:
Oh. My. STARS! What a sequel!

At the end of Delirium (LOOK AWAY IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT!!!!), Lena crossed over into the Wilds. The trials and tribulations that she went through in Pandemonium would be enough for me to just give up.

She was fortunate enough to find a group of people to help her. She willed herself to become stronger and help out.

The relationship that she formed with Julian, I'm just not sure about. I know stress and fear can drive people together, but she always had Alex on the brain. Not once did she think about going back for him. Not once did she ever think to try to find out if he was alive. That was a little disappointing for me.

Lauren Oliver is such and evil, evil, EVIL woman. That cliff hanger...oh my GOSH! That's just torture. I'm not sure which had the more evil cliff hanger -- Delirium or Pandemonium. Maybe Delirium due to the amount of tears I cried. This one was more of a, "holy s@*t!"

I am VERY ready for Requiem. Must.know.what.happens!

The writing and story-telling were just as amazing in this book as Delirium.

My Rating:
That 5th Mickey is all due to Lena's mom.


  1. I have to disagree I think Pandemonium had the biggest cliffhanger. But it could be because I had Pandemonium and I had to wait like a second before I found out what happened.

    I liked Lena in the first book and was a little sad to see how she had to wall herself off in order to continue on though because of it she did survive.

    I too am ready for Requiem:)

  2. Man, Delirium had me sobbing at the end. It was just uncontrollable sobbing. The "not-so-pretty" kind of crying. Hehehe

    I liked Lena a lot better in the first book. I think her naivety was part of her charm and just her character. This book, she grew a lot, but sometimes I just wanted to poke her and tell her to suck it up!

    Thank you for visiting and the comment! :)

  3. Haha I just posted my Pandemonium review as well, even though I finished it a couple of months ago. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.