Plagiarism and Decisions

I'm not sure how many of you actually read my posts, but if you're here reading this one, yay!

I teach 2nd-5th grade computer classes at an elementary school. One of the topics that we discuss each year is plagiarism. I even have it as one of my permanent Essential Questions posted on a bulletin board that stays up year-round.

I just started doing IMM 3 weeks ago, but I will no longer be participating. I may try to do a monthly wrap-up or something to post my treasures for my own pleasure.

I will also be dropping from the Debut Author Challenge. I will still be reading a lot of those and reviewing them, but they will not be linked to the challenge any longer.

I know Kristi is probably having a hard time at the moment, but ya know? She screwed up. Big time. She, and others, have hopefully learned a huge lesson from this. It is not OK to steal content. Ever. Even my 2nd graders could tell you that.

I do wish the bad comments and trash talking that have been slamming her would ease up. Jealousy is truly evil. I just wish people would just stop acting like fools. However, I do hope that there are consequences for her action. In life, there are always repercussions for stealing and/or cheating.

I would actually like to know what authors and publishers think of this. I'll probably never know, though.

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